An incredible wedding photographer can capture a stolen look between the bride and her attendees, a nervous smile as she readies herself to walk down the aisle, or a single tear on the cheek of the groom as he sees his bride for the first time.

In the Macon, Georgia, area, you have plenty of options for people to photograph your wedding, but you'll want to check out three of the best, before going elsewhere.

The Romantic: Ashah Photography

At Ashah Photography, you can get the whole package-from the engagement through the nuptial to the eventual newborn photo sessions.  As one of nine children, this photographer is likely used to finding some quiet moments in a jam-packed day.  Perfectly able to capture the romantic, not-the-stock-image, moments of your wedding day, her photos truly capture the love.

If you want to remember how in love you felt on your special day, meet with Ashah Photography and discuss your desires.

The Timing Man: Keith Hammock Photography

At Keith Hammock Photography, there are several important beliefs about photographing your wedding to which he subscribes.  He aims to capture the hidden moments-the moments that will never be forgotten, capturing the perfect photo at the exact perfect time. 

Keith believes every wedding is unique and he works with his couples to create something that works for them.

The Story Teller: Mandi O'Connor Photography

A photographer who touts herself as a storyteller and believer in true love, Mandi O'Connor Photography will shoot your nuptials and get all the traditional photos.  However, this husband and wife team are also set to capture the memories that are being made without your knowledge, like the sweet exchange between your grandparents on the dance floor, or the flower girl asleep at the table.

Your wedding is a whirlwind affair that will fly by, so let Mandi O'Connor Photography help you live it over and over again.

Capturing Moments of Love

There is no more beautiful thing in the world than capturing the beauty of two souls who are pledging their love for an eternity.  If you're planning a wedding, you can't go wrong with any of the aforementioned photogs. 

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