Keeping up with routine oil changes is one of the simplest ways to maintain your vehicle's longevity. However, we know that by driving around the Milledgeville, Macon, and Warner Robins areas, it's easy to get sidetracked and forget about checking your oil from time to time.


What's great about our vehicles is that they'll let us know when they're not feeling their best-as in, when they need an oil change. To show you exactly what to look for, our team at Butler Toyota has put together the most common signs that your oil needs some TLC.

Is Your Car in Need of an Oil Change?

When you change the oil in your car, you're simply replacing old, dirty oil with fresh, clean oil, so that it runs in its best condition. These are the most common telltale signs that your vehicle is in need of an oil change:

1. Your check engine or oil light pops on

This one is pretty obvious, but definitely something to pay attention to. If your car needs an oil change, usually your check engine or oil light will pop up on the dashboard. To find out which light to look for, check your owner's manual for the most accurate information.

2. Dark brown oil

Another easy way to determine if you need an oil change is to simply check the oil itself. Just check the dipstick under the hood, preferably after your vehicle has been sitting overnight. If the oil is dark brown, almost black, that means it's time for a change. If the oil is a light brown, almost amber color, this means the oil is clean, and you're in the clear.

3. Exhaust smoke

Smoke coming from your tailpipe is definitely not a good sign, and could be an indicator of a needed oil change. However, it can also mean you have a bigger problem on your hands, like an oil leak, or that something is wrong with the engine.

4. Oil smell

You should never smell oil inside the cabin of your vehicle. If this happens, be sure to bring your car to your auto service center immediately, as this can mean a more serious issue, like a leak or that your engine is overheating.

5. Noisy engine

When your oil is clean, it keeps the parts of your engine from rubbing together. However, when it needs a change, the parts may start to make contact, creating a metal-on-metal sound. If you are experiencing odd noises, it's more than likely time for an oil change.

Schedule an Oil Change Today!

If your vehicle is showing any of these signs, you more than likely need an oil change. Keeping up with this quick, simple process will keep your vehicle on the road for years to come, not to mention running safely and efficiently. Contact Butler Toyota to schedule an oil change today!


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