Lease Return Center

Looking to get out of your lease early? Butler Toyota can help! We've been deemed Middle Georgia's go-to place for returning leased vehicles because we've helped hundreds of drivers like you get out of their lease

  • Turn in your leased vehicle:
            Turn in you leased vehicle even if you acquired the car at a different dealership

  • Terminate your lease early:
           The cost of early termination depends on your lease terms and how much time is left on your lease. We'll help you contact your                   leasing company to find out.
Bring your vehicle to us, no matter where you leased it!
We can help you with all your options!
How do you get the process started? All you have to do is schedule your vehicle's final inspection at Butler Toyota. 
We'll inspect the vehicle, take care of all paperwork, fees, and in some cases cut a check for loyalty.

If you have any additional questions, contact our Easy Lease Return Center at 478-314-4184
Not all vehicles qualify for loyalty credit.

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